Linux 4.5-rc7 Released: Linux 4.5 Final Likely Next Week, linux kernel, linux, kernel, release, news

Linus Torvalds announced the availability just moments ago of the Linux 4.5-rc7 weekly kernel test release.

Linus wrote in the 4.5-rc7 announcement, "So things have finally calmed down this past week, and I think we'll
end up with a normal release where rc7 is the last rc. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind in case we find something worrisome, but on the whole it looks good. We did have some changes that were larger than I'd like at this stage, but they were mostly to individual drivers."

Thus if all goes well, Linux 4.5.0 should be officially released next Sunday followed by the Linux 4.6 merge window opening for a period of two weeks.

Linux 4.5 is bringing with it many new features. We've already been running many Linux 4.5 kernel benchmarks in recent weeks to complement the daily testing done at while we will have out more 4.5 tests still in the week ahead before turning our sights to Linux 4.6.