Microsoft wants to lock everyone into its store via universal Windows apps, says game kingpin, microsoft, UWP, universal apps, windows universal apps

The founder of Epic Games says that Microsoft is trying to lock Windows developers into using its app store for all their products.

Tim Sweeney reckons the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a power-grab from Redmond to force software companies into selling their work applications solely through the Windows Store.

"Here, Microsoft is moving against the entire PC industry – including consumers (and gamers in particular), software developers such as Epic Games, publishers like EA and Activision, and distributors like Valve and Good Old Games," Sweeney writes.

Unveiled in 2015, UWP allows developers to create applications that will run smoothly across the desktop, tablet and mobile versions of Windows: a single Visual Studio project can target multiple platforms, with the builds delivered to users through Microsoft's own Windows Store.

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