The maintainers of the Manjaro Linux LXQt operating system, a community flavor of the well-known Arch Linux-based operating system, have announced the release of Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.03 (Looks Like Windows 10).

Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.03 is, of course, using the same stable build of Manjaro Linux that has been used in the Manjaro Linux Deepin 16.03 and Manjaro Linux Cinnamon 16.02 editions announced a few weeks ago.

It is powered by the long-term supported Linux 4.4.4 kernel, and includes the latest build of the next-generation LXQt desktop environment, a fork of the lightweight LXDE project based on Qt technologies.

As expected, the latest and most advanced Calamares graphical installer has been implemented by default, along with the updated CLI installer, and the repositories have been synchronized with the ones of the stable Manjaro Linux distribution.

"The Manjaro Community is proud to present our new LXQt Edition. Manjaro Linux LXQt aims to be light, fast and resource friendly, yet at the same time complete and ready to use for all typical everyday office- and multimedia-needs," developers have explained.

What's new in Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.03

Among the packages that have been added in Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.03, we can notice the Octopi graphical package manager, SDDM login manager, Manjaro Settings Manager, Chromium and Mozilla Firefox web browsers, as well as HexChat IRC client.

Additionally, users will find the latest versions of the Transmission-Qt BitTorrent client, qpdfview PDF viewer, GIMP image editor, PCManFM-Qt file manager, LXImage-Qt image viewer, AbiWord word processor, and mpv video player.

The PulseAudio is the default sound server, which includes Pavucontrol for controlling the mixer, SMPlayer video player is also there as an alternative to mpv, and tools like GParted, Xsensors, LXTask, QISOUSB, QasTools, RedShift, and Compton are included as well.

To download available here.