Gneural Network, GNU Gets Into Programmable Neural Networks, GNU. Linux, network, news

The inaugural release of Gneural Network is now available, a new GNU Project to implement programmable neural networks.

Gneural Network 0.0.1 is the inaugural release available this weekend. From the release announcement, "In the current version, it is a very simple feedforward network which can learn very simple tasks such as curve fitting, but we plan to deliver more advanced features very soon. In particular, we are already spending efforts to implement a network of LSTM (long short term memory) neurons for recurrent networks and deep learning. We also plan to implement learning reinforcement techniques."

Gneural Network, of course, is released under the GPL (GPLv3+). Right now Gneural Network is quite basic and not nearly as advanced as other neural network programming alternatives, but if you wish to learn more, visit the project site.