Mozilla's Firefox 46 Beta Include GTK3 On Linux, mozilla firefox, mozilla, firefox, browser, release, news, linux

For those sticking to Mozilla's stable channel, following this week's release of Firefox 45 was the public beta of Firefox 46.0.

The Firefox 46.0 Beta marks HTTP sites with login forms as insecure, the JavaScript JIT compiler features greater security, GTK3 integration is again being tried by default for Firefox on Linux, WebRTC performance/stability fixes, HKDF support for the Web Crypto API, and other changes.

All of the Firefox 46.0 beta details can be found via the release notes. Mozilla developers have been trying for a few release cycles now to ship the GTK3-enabled version of the Firefox web-browser; hopefully Firefox 46 will mark the point where they'll be able to stick to keeping it enabled at release time.

The meta bug report tracking Firefox for using GTK3. The remaining items mostly come down to weird UI behavior issues or misplaced elements.