Fedora developers have decided this summer's release of Fedora 24 will ship with the recently released Linux 4.5 kernel.

Fedora kernel stakeholders had a discussion to decide what kernel to use for the Fedora 24 release. While Linux 4.6 should likely be out just before the final freeze of Fedora 24, they decided that it would be cutting things close and instead would like to ensure a solid Linux 4.5 is shipped for Fedora 24.

Similar to exciting Fedora releases where they send down major kernel updates as part of their standard stable release update procedures, Linux 4.6 will then be pushed down to Fedora 24 users once it's ready.

Fedora 24 is currently scheduled for release on 7 June while the final freeze is set for 24 May -- assuming no further delays to the F24 release cycle.