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Building off Sunday's release of the Linux 4.5 kernel is GNU Linux-libre 4.5-gnu as the newest version of this kernel provided for 100% free software GNU/Linux distributions.

GNU Linux-libre continues to be focused on removing drivers and/or disabling functionality that relies upon non-free components like firmware/microcode blobs. Besides removing everything in-tree that depends upon non-free blobs, GNU Linux-libre also disables runtime support for loading any non-free kernel modules.

In terms of the changes done to this 4.5 kernel by the GNU folks, "Newly-deblobbed drivers in this release are qatc3xxx, qatc62x, adf7242, goodix touchscreen, and Qualcomm WCNSS SOC. Updated deblobbing was required by radeon, nouveau, skylake sound, and XHCI rcar drivers. Besides, there was plenty of code movement, especially within drivers/net/wireless."

The latest GNU Linux-libre kernel for those who want it can be downloaded from