Greg Kroah-Hartman sent out the pull request this week for the USB updates in Linux 4.6 His brief pull request stated, "Here is the big USB patchset for 4.6-rc1. The normal mess is here, gadget and xhci fixes and updates, and lots of other driver updates and cleanups as well. Full details are in the shortlog."

Making this newsworthy, in digging through the USB changes for Linux 4.6, there is more work happening on USB 3.1.
Mathias Nyman already has done a lot of the USB 3.1 work on the Linux kernel while for this next release there are more changes happening.

In particular, the work seems to be centered around the SuperSpeedPlus transfer rate support of 10 Gbit/s for USB 3.1 with the XHCI driver, complementing other work already in the kernel.

usb: define USBSPEEDSUPERPLUS speed for SuperSpeedPlus USB3.1 devices usb: set USB 3.1 roothub device speed to USBSPEEDSUPERPLUS
usb: show speed "10000" in sysfs for USB 3.1 SuperSpeedPlus devices
usb: add device descriptor for usb 3.1 root hub
usb: Support USB 3.1 extended port status request
xhci: Make sure xhci handles USBSPEEDSUPERPLUS devices.
xhci: set roothub speed to USB
SPEEDSUPERPLUS for USB3.1 capable controllers
xhci: USB 3.1 add default Speed Attributes to SuperSpeedPlus device capability
xhci: set slot context speed field to SuperSpeedPlus for USB 3.1 SSP devices
usb: Add USB3.1 SuperSpeedPlus Isoc Endpoint Companion descriptor
usb: Parse the new USB 3.1 SuperSpeedPlus Isoc endpoint companion descriptor
usb: Add USB 3.1 Precision time measurement capability descriptor support
xhci: refactor and cleanup endpoint initialization.
xhci: Add SuperSpeedPlus high bandwidth isoc support to xhci endpoints
xhci: cleanup isoc tranfers queuing code
xhci: Support extended burst isoc TRB structure used by xhci 1.1 for USB 3.1