For those not busy partying around the Maypole today, the Linux 4.6-rc6 kernel is now available as the latest weekly test candidate of the Linux 4.6 kernel.

With today's tagging, Linux 4.6-rc6 is now codenamed the "Charred Weasel", replacing the "Blurry Fish Butt" codename that the kernel has been using for the past few releases.

As of writing this post, Linus Torvalds has yet to issue a Linux 4.6-rc6 release announcement to the kernel mailing list with his thoughts on this week's release. From the Git activity I've been monitoring, it's been another routine week of bug/regression fixes. We'll see though in Torvalds' next communication when he's hoping to see Linux 4.6 officially released.

Update: Linus Torvalds has now sent out his Linux 4.6-rc6 release announcement. In there he mentions that there will still likely be a 4.6-rc7 release, in which case it will likely be two weeks before Linux 4.6 is officially released, should there be no need for a -rc8.