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There are many features to Fedora 24 with many of them also being the new features to GNOME 3.20, the default desktop of Fedora Workstation. Fedora developers decided against using Wayland by default for F24, but nevertheless it's shaping up to be another exciting update to Fedora Linux. Under the hood, Fedora 24 is built with the GCC 6 compiler, features updates to the Linux kernel and Mesa, and has other bleeding-edge packages as expected by Fedora enthusiasts.

Download links and more details about the changes/features of Fedora 24 Beta can be found via today's announcement at FedoraMagazine.org. I'll be firing up Fedora 24 Beta on a few Linux benchmark test systems shortly. Fedora 24 is currently scheduled to be officially released in mid-June (14 June).