Jerry Bezencon has announced the availability of a new release of Linux Lite, a lightweight distribution based on Ubuntu. The new version, Linux Lite 3.0, features a number of significant changes, including an overhaul of the graphical software manager.

Linux Lite 3.0 final is now available for download. A lot has changed since series 2. We have a new login manager, new boot theme, Lite software has had an overhaul, new system theme (Arc), we've added share hardware configuration (Lite Info), folder access from the menu and upgrades are now automated and seamless in series 3. In addition, there have been many bug fixes and adjustments since the beta release. The default final wallpaper represents the colors of our gem code name, Citrine, accompanied by the Linux Lite logo. Lite software has had an overhaul, we've added icons where there were select boxes.

Additional details and several screen shots can be found in the project's release announcement.